Buying, Selling, Consignment, and Evaluations

The staff of Dovetails llc and Auctions Neapolitan work closely with estate attorneys, executors, and institutions - both corporate and nonprofit, as well as private individuals of both great and modest wealth. Each of these situations comes with different motivations, circumstances, prejudices, and emotions. However, they all have one thing in common; the desire for a fair, honest, and accurate accounting with the best possible result.

Whether you are considering selling items from a living or deceased estate, a personal collection, or simply downsizing, we have the resources, professional experience, and integrity to make that happen.

Cash Payments

We often recommend consignment, but there are times when a cash payment is either necessary or simply more desirable. Examples of such circumstances might be immediate financial problems needing a fast time-definite solution, painful emotions associated with the property to be sold, prior bad experiences, or the legalities involved in estate settlements. When needed, we are fully prepared to pay a fair and immediate cash settlement.

Consignment Services

There are many choices when it comes to selling, and there is no absolute right solution for every situation. As a general rule, we recommend consignment. Quite simply, the buy/sell process automatically positions each party as opponents. A buyer wants to purchase at the lowest possible price, and a seller wants to sell at the highest possible price. Consignment puts our knowledge and experience completely on your side avoiding a conflict of interests.

It is a mistake to believe that a dealer, collector, or curator is a friend in a buy/sell situation. It’s business. With few exceptions, they are not being disreputable, dishonest, or immoral. They are negotiating a business deal, and your best interests are not their primary concern.

Our consignment services include gallery auctions and Internet selling, onsite events including Estate and Tag Sales, and privately negotiated sales with vetted buyers. Our rates are very competitive and consultations are free.

If consignment is not a viable option, what should I do?

Contact us. We will not pressure or obligate you in any way. If you prefer to sell your items outright, we will do our best to purchase them at a fair price for all concerned. While we believe consignment is often the best option, it may not be the right solution in every situation.


What about e-Bay, Craig’s List, the classifieds, or garage sales? 

If you have good computer skills and sure knowledge of what you’re selling as well as its current value; if you fully understand the psychology behind buying and selling and have a flare for marketing; if there is a safe environment for the final transaction to take place, and if you have a good deal of time on your hands with more than a bit of luck, those venues could be a viable alternative for items of modest value. High value items have scant possibility of reaching their best possible price using these venues.

Working with Dovetails llc and Auctions Neapolitan makes selling easy, safe, fast and trouble-free.

Whether you are interested in selling one item, a collection, or an entire estate, please contact us by email or telephone (239-262-7333) to arrange a free consultation. When sending photos or descriptions, please include your telephone number, the type of item, measurements, age, and provenance if available. We will promptly reply.